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The best from the Art in Pre-Independence India (1900-1947) & Post Independence (1947-1985).

Painting by K.G.Subramanyan
View this catagorary for the best in Indian Contemporary Art!

Painting by Pradiptaa Chakraborty
Mohan L. Mazumder
Mohan has been photographing passionately.Mohanís shots primarily in Black and White.
Ongoing Exhibition / Events  
Haute Art Curry
An exhibition of paintings & series of events

Art Exhibition:10th June-30th July 2016 11-7 pm.
Series of events:13th-18th june.

13th June:Art Appreation-5pm
14th & 15th June:Pastellure-4-7pm.
16th June:A medley of Gastronomics-3.30-5.30pm.
17th June:Paint with your date with Wasim Kapoor-6 pm
18th June:Tete-A-Tete with Tea-4 pm
18th June:Finer points of fine wines-7 pm.
Details:see concept note.
Register: call 033 22873377/88.
Best Deal
GREAT buys of Modern & Contemporary Indian art at cost prices or hair line margin.Painting by Babu saheb Zanje
Art @ Home  
Art Furniture & Artifacts in wood ,bronze ,metal & other mixed media.

Browse this category for interesting items made by artists!We have Consoles,Benches,Coffee Tables,Chairs,Bar Tables & Stools,Beds,Dining Tables,Dividers,Murals & many more -A ONE OFF SCULPTURAL DELIGHT!
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Painting by Wasim Kapoor.