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Art Advisory for investment and collection
One of our prime roles is to guide our collectors and provide advisory services for the artworks they ought to collect.

Not all art appreciates in value .It thus becomes important for the gallery to guide its patrons and stir them towards the art that are worth collecting. Art for investment or art for art’s sake.Our team of curators closely follow the careers of the artists as well as market trends to help advice and select the artists to be collected, after careful consideration of the tastes and preferences of the buyer. This careful study helps us, help you to not only get something you could live with, but also see it appreciate in value over the years .

Art advisory for large projects -Take your project to the next level with us ! GK maintains a large collection of artworks.

We assist in real estate, hotel , business and home projects. Selecting right works and skillfully adorning your project to take it to the next level .Original art, photographs or sculptures brings about a piece of culture.Murals in the lobby or artistic furniture replacing  age old boring chairs can make living and working spaces a sheer pleasure .

Art Commissioning
We work with the most discerning artists , each perhaps experts in their respective genres.Commission a special site specific work by your favourite artist.

We guide you in the selection of  eminent , mid-career or emerging artists . And the same is commissioned to deliver your dream artwork.

Art Cleaning
Over the years the colors of the artworks may fade or could get dirty with accumulated dust etc quickly diminishing its value.
We’d solicit to get the artworks professional cleaned up . Our experts clean the works and get it close to as original as possible.

Art Repair
We only use experts who have the knowledge , expertise and experience to handle your artworks with utmost care, and bring it back to looking as close to original as possible.Our restorers have worked with museums and large prestigious collections.
(taken on a case to case basis)

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Art Restoration
Most essential for the good health and upkeep of your collection, is the need to restore damaged works.We work with experts to restore your artworks to looking as close to original as possible.

Often works get damaged due to weather, poor handling , or been in storage for a long period. Save that beloved work.  Before the condition worsens opt for a professional restoration. Our restorers adept at handling museum quality artworks, will gently bring the work back to life.

Provenance and Authentication
This one’s a no-brainer.With enough fake artworks circulating, one ought to be careful and buy artworks from reputed galleries only. Be wary of unbelievable “Great Deals”.Further one must maintain authenticity certificates, Invoices of every artwork in their collection.
Gallery Kolkata issues an Authenticity Certificate Signed by the Artist with every artwork we sell.

Other Services :
1) Assistance in getting a work certified.
2) Authentication by Experts- In case of Non Living artists.
3) Authentication by our team of experts and a Gallery Kolkata issued after accessing genuineness by rigorous study.
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About Authenticity Certificate
  • Substantially increase in the value of the work; its marketability.
  • Provides an unquestionable certificate to the genuineness of the work.
  • Helps trace the provenance of the work.
  • Keeps seller accountable (depending on the policies of the seller)

Art Valuation
Our experts study and assess the current valuation of the artworks in your collection. A valuation report is useful to resell or insure the collection.
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Source an Artist/ Genre of your choice

Have a penchant for a particular artist, whose works you don’t see in our catalogue? Write to us the name of the artists or the artworks of your interested. Not all of our collection is online. We maintain a sizable collection, which is not online .Tell us what you’re looking for.

Cataloguing and Documentation

Don’t get intimidated by the size of your collection . We can help you catalogue all works with high quality images , title, size current valuation and all necessary details of the works.A catalogue can be beautifully presented like a coffee table book or maintain a soft/hard copy as per your need and requirement.Contact us for a quote

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