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About Us
Gallery Kolkata originally founded in 2004 was initiated to bridge the gap between art and its connoisseurs; an attempt to bring art works of eminent artists within the reach of the masses.The new space of Gallery Kolkata opened its doors on May 10, 2007 with the objective of bringing the best of Modern & Contemporary Indian Art to the cognoscenti of Kolkata, a city that prides itself on being the cultural capital of India!

Infrastructure : Gallery Kolkata’s new space opened in  the prestigious “Duckback House” in the heart of kolkata’s Shakespeare Sarani with the twin infrastructural advantages of space – an enviable 5000 sq. ft.! – and easy accessibility. The gallery has a large viewing area, complete  with office executive room and ‘adda’ (open lounge area for intellectual interaction). Complete with the state of the art facilities, the exhibition space is ideal for hosting landmark painting exhibitions, installation art and video shows as well as new media displays.
Artists we work with
We are proud to be working and worked with luminaries like Anjolie Ela Menon, Bijan Chowdhury , LT. Paritosh Sen, Akbar Padamsee, K.G. Subramanian, Prabhakar Kolte, Sunil Das, Jogen Chowdhury, Suhas Roy , Kartick Chandra Pyne,  LT Shyamal Dutta Ray , Ramananda Bandopadhyay, Tvaikuntam, K.Laxma Goud, Shuvaprasanna , K.S. Radhakrishnan, Vasundhara Tewari Broota  , Amitava  Das and young established contemporaries like Bose Krishnamachari ,Probir Gupta , Rajan Krishnan, Babu Eshwar Prasad, Sunil Gawde, Pratul Dash, Prasanta Sahu, Sajal Sarkar (sr), Pampa Panwar,T.M. Azis, Binoy Varghese, Murli-Cheeroth, Vivek Vilasini, S. Harsha Vardhana & various others .
Exhibitions at the Gallery Kolkata
We have been responsible for bringing modern & contemporary artworks to focal attention by various shows like our inaugural show, aptly titled “Modern to Contemporary” which was a virtuoso display of masterpieces by artists such as Akbar Padamsee, Paritosh Sen, Jogen Chowdhury, Shyamal Dutta Ray, Suhas Roy, Sunil Das, Prabhakar Kolte, K.S. Radhakrishnan, Vasundhara Tewari Broota, Amitava Das, Bose Krishnamachari, Sunil Gawde etc. June 2007 the missing link exhibition of solo paintings by Rajiba Lochan Pani | August 2007 signature images |September 2007 Open Window | Oct 2007 Brush with Durga | Nov 2007 Flow Freeze Focus | Dec 2007 Kothao Tommar Haariyeh Jaabar Nei Maana Monay Monay |Jan 2008 Young Contemporary India | April 2008 image of one’s own self curated by Shri Pranabranjan Ray | Sept 2008 In Small Format | Oct 2008 Creative Art Furniture , Installations & Murals | Dec. 2008 Kollection | Feb 2009 Nav-Ratna | Mother-Child : Forthcoming
Authenticity Guarantee
Gallery Kolkata sources its each artwork 100% from the artist, thus working exclusively in the primary market .This insures 100% genuinity of the art works and best possible price. Each artwork is delivered virtually anywhere in the world, accompanied by a gallerys’ , as well as an ‘artist’s signatured’ authentication certificate in most cases .

For the viewers
  • The gallery organizes regularly physical exhibitions ,events , news on art
  • Online browse & buy catalogue
For the artists/young artist :
  • Showcasing artworks through our varied exhibitions
  • Opportunity for young artists to showcase their works physically ,along side the senior/eminent artists of the country & reach a global audience through our website.
  • A comprehensive source of modern and contemporary indian art, Gallery Kolkata provides a platform to various young artists through its physical and online exhibitions .

    If  you are a professional and trained artist and wish to associate with GK, send in your latest C.V along with crisp resolution images of your works or Alternatively a CD with full details of present and past works can be couriered to the Gallery’s address mentioned below. The address is as under:

    Gallery Kolkata
    2nd Floor, Duckback House
    41 Shakespeare Sarani
    West Bengal, India

( Kindly do not make  persistent telephone calls to the gallery.If your work is found suitable by the jury , the gallery shall contact your goodself )