Tushar Kanti Das Roy


99,000.00 70,000.00

Medium Bronze
Surface Bronze
Dimension L: 22 Inches X W: 10 Inches X D: 4 Inches
L: 55.88 cm X W: 25.4 cm X D: 10.16 cm
Condition Excellent
Style Figurative Sculptures
Movement Contemporary Indian Art
Year 2016

Here Tushar Kanti has beautifully depicted the romance of Bengal not only in the figures but also its location , a street lamp and the beautifully bengali spiral stairs that were often used as a side staircase in 2-3 storey houses by the staff of the house. Two figures , a male and a female gently chat under the street lamp.

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About the Artist : Tushar Kanti Das Roy , studied sculpture making in the Indian College of Art & Craft Kolkata, India.
About his works : Tushar Kanti Das Roy is another artist whose works are completely steeped in the essence of Bengal; whether it’s a couple sitting on a bench under a lamp-post with adjoining spiral stair case or a musician or a set of hand drawn richshaw men typical of Bengal, Tushar works cannot be more telling of the romance of Bengal.