Tushar Kanti Das Roy

Piped Piper, nature, the flute in the Indian spring, bronze sculpture by Contemporary Artist Tushar Kanti Das Roy

275,000.00 135,000.00

Medium Bronze
Surface Bronze
Dimension L: 34 Inches X W: 21 Inches X D: 19 Inches
L: 86.36 cm X W: 53.34 cm X D: 48.26 cm
Condition Excellent
Style Figurative Sculptures
Movement Contemporary Indian Art
Year 2017

Here the Pipe Piper is playing the flute in the Indian spring calling out to all the birds and the leaves and the flowers where the Piped piper becomes one with the nature . The work perhaps is symbolic, metophorically between man & nature and how being one with each other can result in utmost beauty !

Roy’s mystic bronze is steeped in the romance between man & his environment.

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Born : 1968.

Education : Studied sculpture making in the Indian College of Art & Craft Kolkata, India.

Style : Tushar Kanti Das Roy is another artist whose works are completely steeped in the essence of Bengal; whether it’s a couple sitting on a bench under a lamp-post with adjoining spiral stair case or a musician or a set of hand drawn richshaw men typical of Bengal, Tushar works cannot be more telling of the romance of Bengal.